Excavation safety videos that pack a punch! by Planet Underground TV

Keep your crew on the edge of their seats while reinforcing the need for safe excavation practices. Real stories of excavation accidents presented in a compelling format, sponsored and used by one-call organizations across the country. Over 100,000 excavators a year see our videos!

This year, Planet Underground was proud to take on the mantel of the Digging Dangers brand, continuing to provide annual digging safety and awareness videos for one-call organizations and private companies. We’re excited to take on this project and look forward to working with both current and new sponsors dedicated to damage prevention. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions on how to sponsor.

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“We at Blue Stakes of Utah 811 have been a proud sponsor of the Digging Dangers series for many years. The DD series have been a valuable part of our Damage Prevention Awareness Seminars and Safety Meetings year after year. They help me drive the point home about working safely, and the hazards you can encounter while digging in the DIRT! Many thanks to Ron R, Mike P, Phil G, and the new team for producing professional videos for the One Call industry and many others.”
– Spence Felsted,  Blue Stakes of Utah 811

“If pictures are worth a thousand words, than these video’s are priceless. The breadth and depth of digging incidents that Digging Dangers show and reveal in these video’s leave an impact on our attendees at all of our Damage Prevention Education Workshops we teach throughout the year. I watch the faces and body language from the attendees as the video’s play and see looks of shock, head nodding in acknowledgement and sometimes disbelief when the tragedy is great. Even though we incorporate these into our education program each year and we look forward to the day we do not have to do that. Meaning, when we are at ZERO damages and no harm or loss of lives, then we will have worked ourselves out of a job. “
– Jan Warren, One-Call of Wyoming

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