Digging Dangers 25: Rearview Mirror DELUXE (2014 accidents)


Digging Dangers 25: Rearview Mirror features digging accidents from New Jersey to California. As always, the video’s subtle messaging requires viewers to think, “What would I have done in that situation?”

Runtime: 16:45
File Size: 634 MB

Digging Dangers 25 DELUXE also includes the following bonus videos:

Drainage Dangers
Runtime: 6:55
File Size: 264.6 MB

Strike Zone
Runtime: 8:22
File Size: 318.5 MB

First Person Digging Dangers
Runtime: 7:46
File Size: 295.4 MB

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Here’s a short sample of Digging Dangers 25: Rearview Mirror. Actual runtime is 16:45.


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