Digging Dangers 28: Facing the Dragon DELUXE (2017 accidents)


Digging Dangers 28: Facing the Dragon, looks at significant 2017 accidents including a gas well accident in Firestone, CO, a downtown fire in Dallas, an electric accident destroying a home in Texas, and a highly publicized electric strike that shut down North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

Drainage Dangers 28: An agricultural accident in Dixon IL killed a father and son while they were tiling near a pipeline. This fatal accident prompted us to update and re-release this video.

Digging Dangers 28: Homeowners Edition: Updated and re-released, this video strengthens the original message and adds two new accidents illustrating the dangers involved in excavating around the home.

Light it Up: The past couple years we’ve seen a growing trend of big, fast fiber rollouts and a trail of costly damages following closely behind. Google Fiber led the charge but competitors are also ramping up their investment into gigabit internet across the US.

Shorts: We’re including shorter drag-and-drop short segments cut from Digging Dangers 28 videos for ease of use in presentations.

Testimonials (download only): Nebraska 811, E&N Hughes, and JULIE testimonials show the power of Digging Dangers Videos used for training and awareness purposes.

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Here is a short trailer for Digging Dangers 28: Facing the Dragon. Actual length is 17:10. File size is 1.04GB. Full preview available on request.

Here’s a short sample of Drainage Dangers 28. Actual length is 9:05. File size is 551MB. Full preview available on request.

Here’s a preview of DD28 Homeowners Edition. Approximate runtime is 3:26.

Here’s a preview of Light It Up. Approximate runtime is 3:18.


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