Digging Dangers 31 (2020 accidents)


Digging Dangers 31 Overview:

Water main and sewer breaks, gas leaks, and fiber outages – you’ve seen all of these in Digging Dangers before, but the added complexities of the pandemic puts these accidents in a new light.

There is a higher dependence on internet services from government and private parties. You’ll see multiple instances of statewide services going down due to a single fiber strike, including one that delayed voting across the state.

Water outages create an inability to wash hands and sanitize dishes and utensils. And our homes, which we typically believe to be safe spaces, are no longer safe when gas migrates underground.

Our main video this year is called Digging Dangers 31 | Under Pressure (20:56). It’s an acknowledgement that our nation’s excavators are under more pressure and scrutiny during these uncertain times than ever before.

All the other videos below are segments or re-edits of content found in Digging Dangers 31 | Under Pressure.

DD31 Under Pressure – Short Version (10:56) does not include the pipeline segments, a brief re-visiting of the Sun Prairie incident in WI, two sewer accidents, and the 2019 accident in Farmington, ME.

DD31 Aging and Mismarked Infrastructure (5:54) looks at several types of accidents caused by incorrect or missing records, aging pipes, mismarks, and other similar issues.

DD31 Gas Accidents (5:15) contains gas explosions in Iowa, Florida, Colorado, revisits the Sun Prairie explosion, and covers the fatal explosion in Gypsum, Colorado.

DD31 Pipelines (3:31) covers two pipeline accidents as well as an encouragement to use readily available free resources in your damage prevention efforts.

DD31 Virus Impact (4:15) presents several accidents that highlight the added scrutiny excavators are facing during the pandemic.

Thank you for using Digging Dangers, and we hope you find these videos useful in your damage prevention efforts.

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